Reserving an Experience

To participate in Discover Zone science exhibits, you'll need to reserve a Mulabo! guide (smart device).

Participating in science exhibits

  1. 1

    At least one day before your visit, reserve a Mulabo! guide (smart device) online.
    On the day of your visit, go to the reception desk at least 10 minutes before your experience.

  2. 2

    When it's time, go to the Discover Zone to get a Mulabo! guide and listen to instructions and precautions.

  3. 3

    In the Discover Zone, find QR codes for the quizzes and use the Mulabo! guide to answer. For hints, hold your smartphone over the AR marker on panels, and try your best to answer all questions correctly.

  4. 4

    Three challenging hands-on exhibits await you. When you're done, you can see your score and how you compared to others.

Reserving an Experience

Points to know before making reservations

  • Participation in the science exhibits is limited by numbers. We recommend you reservation.
  • Exhibits are designed mainly for fifth and sixth graders but can be enjoyed by visitors of all ages.
  • It takes about 50 minutes to finish all science exhibits.
  • Reservations are accepted from 30 days to 1 day in advance.
  • We cannot accept reservations or questions about availability by phone.
  • Finish with reception at the second-floor reception desk at least 10 minutes before your reserved time. Your reservation will be canceled unless you arrive on time.
  • Preschool children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, who must watch them responsibly.
  • Unattended elementary school children must bring a memo sheet with telephone number of their parent or guardian in case of emergency. But Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will not take any responsibility when visitors are involved in any incident or accident.