Coronavirus measures

  • What coronavirus measures are in place?

    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in these measures.

    Visitor obligations

    • Wearing masks is not necessarily required, however we appreciate your cooperation with cough etiquette.
    • Hand sanitizer is prepared.

    Measures by staff members

    • Wearing a mask
    • Keeping hands clean and using sanitizer
    • Disinfecting surfaces


  • What kinds of exhibits does Mulabo! have?

    Discover Zone

    • Electronics-related exhibits, which include informative panels, hint at the answers to quizzes that visitors take using a Mulabo! guide (smart device).
    • Three main interactive exhibits are provided. Each represents "visible science" and encourages movement- or voice-based learning.
    • Two hands-on exhibits that incorporate Murata technology are entertaining for visitors of all ages.

    Symbol Zone

    • Offers two types of exhibits that do not require reservations, and that teach the basics of electricity.
  • How much is admission?

    Admission is free.

  • When is the venue closed?

    Mulabo! is closed on Sunday, Monday, and designated Murata holidays. For details, see the venue calendar page.

  • Are there any admission restrictions?

    All visitors can enter Mulabo! without reservation. However, admission is limited when the number of staying persons reach the fixed number.

  • What age group is the venue designed for?

    The science exhibits are designed mainly for fifth and sixth graders but can be enjoyed by visitors of all ages.

  • Can children enter the venue alone?

    Mulabo! does not admit unattended preschool children. We ask that accompanying parents or guardians keep an eye on children.
    Unattended elementary school students visiting Mulabo! must bring a form with contact details for a parent or guardian in case of emergency. But Murata manufacturing Co., Ltd. will not take any responsibility when visitors are involved in any incident or accident.


  • How can I make a reservation?

    Reservations can be made online. Use the Reserve an Experience page.

  • How can I cancel a reservation?

    A cancellation link is included at the end of the reservation verification message. Access that page and follow the instructions. You can also call Mulabo! directly. (Telephone: 045-227-3011)

  • Is a waiting list available, in case others cancel their reservation?

    No waiting list is available.

  • Can I make a group reservation?

    At present, Mulabo! does not accept group reservations.

Participating in exhibits, getting around the venue

  • About how long does it take to finish all science exhibits?

    It takes roughly 50 minutes to finish all science exhibits in the Discover Zone.

  • Are tour guides available?

    Staff members are stationed at each Discover Zone science exhibit. Ask a nearby staff member if you have any questions.

  • Is Mulabo! wheelchair accessible?

    There are no obstructions for wheelchair users. All floors are level.

  • Is Mulabo! accessible for other disabled visitors?

    Mulabo! accommodates visitors of all abilities.
    If you wish to participate in the science exhibits, call us for details about the experiences. (Telephone: 045-227-3011)

  • Does Mulabo! accommodate visitors who don't speak Japanese?

    Besides Japanese, support is available in English.

Venue features

  • Is parking available?

    No parking is available. We encourage visitors to use public transportation. Visitors with physical disabilities who wish to use parking should call us at least one day before their visit. (Telephone: 045-227-3011)

  • Is bicycle parking available?

    No bicycle parking is available, and parking is prohibited in the area around the venue.

  • Is any place available to store baggage?

    Store any baggage in a first-floor locker, which can be used only on the same day during open hours.

  • Is stroller storage available?

    A stroller storage area is available on the second floor in the Symbol Zone.

  • Are there places to change diapers, and is a nursing room available?

    Diaper-changing tables are provided in the male, female, and multipurpose restrooms. A nursing room is also available.

  • Are pets allowed?

    Do not bring pets to the venue, with the exception of assistance dogs such as guide dogs, hearing dogs, or service dogs.

  • Is smoking allowed, and are alcoholic beverages available?

    Mulabo! is a non-smoking venue, and smoking is not permitted in the surrounding area. No alcoholic beverages are available, and we do not allow visitors to bring alcohol or enter while intoxicated.

  • Is photography or recording videos allowed?

    When taking pictures, avoid inconveniencing other visitors. Please refrain from using selfie sticks and shooting with a flash. Be aware that photography is not permitted in some areas. Abide by the warning signs.

  • Can visitors bring a boxed lunch or beverage?

    Visitors can bring their own refreshments, but note that eating and drinking is only permitted in the Think Zone.

  • How can visitors claim a lost or forgotten item?

    Lost items are kept for one week after they are found. Visitors claiming lost items are asked to bring identification with you.